BlackPink 'Kill This Love' Giveaway!

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BlackPink 'Kill This Love' Giveaway!

NZ Blinks!

We hope Autumn is treating you well.

To celebrate a successful comeback of Blinks' favourite ladies, we're giving away four of these prize packs! 

Simply let us know in the comment section below who you're favourite BlackPink member is and why they're awesome and you'll go in the draw! Easy Peasy!

Bonus: If you purchase any BlackPink items from our store, each item will give you another chance to win.

Winners will be picked by random on 01/06/2019 and will be announced here and on Instagram.


**Prize pack includes Key chain, Mouth mask and Kill this love desk standee.**

***Winners: Chethseng C., Teraingitairi M., Rhythm H., Ofa T.***


  • Lay

    My bias is Lisa but love all the gurls call they’re all killing it, I’m absolutely proud of my girls and hope they can succeed for more. I love them all because they’re all absolutely loving and caring and honestly I’m proud for us blinks ayyyeeeeeeeeeee~~

  • Ofa Tuimoala

    My bias is Lisa because I love her bright personality, She is hard-working and talented and she can speak many languages. Not only that but she is a role model (as well as the other members) to girls who have hopes of becoming something big someday. What i’m trying to say is that she is someone I admire a lot that is why she is my bias.

  • Helen Li

    My bias in Blackpink is probably Rose, not only did she grow up in New Zealand, she is an amazing singer dancer and rapper! + she is vert pretty and her stages are just so clean and strong.

  • Terangitāiri

    LOVE U LISA🖤💗🖤💗

  • Lisa🖤💗

    I love Lisa because she is talented and is great at dancing. She can speak multiple languages and can pull off any out going clothes. She has a great energy in her dances and is the definition of amazing.❤️ BLACKPINK ❤️Lisa🖤💗🖤💗🖤💗

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